LeaderCrest recognises that distance learning through Webinars provides the opportunity for maximum number of people to partake in learning and development programmes.

LeaderCrest has plans to associate with outstanding leaders who can share their life experiences in building, growing or turning around businesses for larger audiences across the world.

LeaderCrest has also plans to tie up with reputed institutions to bring academic inputs for working executives, and also to provide practical insights to students of such institutions.

While the Webinars will focus on the three core pillars of LeaderCrest, namely Leadership Development, Competitive Strategy and Corporate Governance, certain Webinars will be structured exclusively around the unique backgrounds and experiences of the expert speakers.

These Webinars will be offered free to all organizations who register with LeaderCrest as corporate members and to all individuals who register as individual members.

Please stay tuned for further developments in this upcoming distance learning division . . .