LeaderCrest Academy Private Limited (“LeaderCrest”) is an academy established for providing world-class inputs and services in the domains of leadership development, competitive strategy, and corporate governance.

LeaderCrest considers that leadership, strategy, and governance are interrelated and mutually reinforcing, and is committed to provide its services and guide its clients accordingly.

LeaderCrest seeks to build a fraternity of competent leaders who are from multiple industries and multiple disciplines and are passionate about sharing their life experiences and unique competencies to develop leaders, formulate strategies, and support governance in different types of firms.

LeaderCrest plans to utilize digital platforms to support its objectives and form a virtuous and expanding community of professionals. LeaderCrest’s credo is knowledge dissemination; it makes available management and leadership readings in ‘open source’ mode to professionals.

Leadership Development

LeaderCrest believes that every individual has innate talent and unique competencies to achieve high levels of leadership. It has a leadership model that reinforces foundations of generic individual attributes, develops certain industry-specific competencies, and builds a holistic leadership persona that can provide competitive edge and gravitas to the organizations they lead.

Competitive Strategy

LeaderCrest understands competitive strategy in all its facets: industry envelope, business definition, generic strategies, innovation strategies, integration and diversification strategies, strategic alliances and collaborations, globalization strategies, operational excellence, legal and negotiation strategies, and so on. LeaderCrest develops competitive strategies for a range of environments, from turnaround to growth, and from integration to diversification.

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance plays a significant part in ensuring that a company pursues the right goals with the right processes. A well-governed company rewards all its stakeholders with long-term growth and profitability. LeaderCrest advises companies on the composition of board, selection and coaching of independent directors, and overall governance processes.

Digital Platform

LeaderCrest uses digital communication tools, from chat room and blog to general readings and custom webinars to interact with its stakeholders. LeaderCrest offers different relationship options for stakeholders depending on their backgrounds.